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Keeping a Positive Outlook

No Matter What

One Good Thing
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Community rules are here.

Name one good thing that happened to you today. Go ahead, name one. It doesn't have to be a big important thing. It could be something like getting the dishes done, or seeing an airplane take off, or running on bright green grass. Now, name another.

You see, in every day life, there are plenty of things to bring us down. We can chose to focus on them, or we can chose to focus on the good things. Focusing on the good things doesn't mean avoiding the bad things. It just means that we choose to retain a positive outlook, no matter what happens.

And that is what this community is all about.

So go ahead, tell us about your horrible day. How you were late for work, how you spilled coffee on the boss' new DKNY suit, how you came home to a "I'm gone" letter from your significant other. How your favourite grandmother in the world suddenly died. The only required part to every post is that at the end, you tell us at least one good thing that happened to you today.

Post anything you like -- within reason of course. Inspirational quotes, ideas for stress-relief, good brownie recipies, news on new treatments for a mental illness. Just remember to end your post with at least one good thing that happened to you today.

If nothing else, you can post an answer to this question -- what did you do today that made you feel proud?

Please make an intro post when you join -- we want to get to know you!

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