Well, you see, it's a secret. (secretsecretone) wrote in one__good_thing,
Well, you see, it's a secret.

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Introduction post.

Hello everyone. I can't really reveal my true identity because this is a secret journal after all...
But I'm a senior in high school. Female. And a little strange.

My day consisted of waking up exhausted and sick, watching a boring boring movie... falling asleep during that... glaring at my piles of homework and refusing to do them, cleaning, and getting a horrible horrible neck cramp from sleeping on it wrong. One of my best friends, who's in love with me, made me feel guilty over the phone. I have to wake up at 5 tomorrow for school... grrr.

But. One good thing about my day, is that I had the best pizza EVER for dinner. :D
And, I'm glad I'm here. Hello!
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