duckbunny (woolly_socks) wrote in one__good_thing,


I'm Eleanor, I'm 30 and I have chronic depression (not so much these days) an anxiety disorder, and chronic headaches. I spent most of my life (besides working part-time as a designer) looking for ways to get better. A lot of what I do helps. Some stuff doesn't.

I just found this community, I'm really impressed. I love that the focus is positive. I really want to put my energy into getting well, rather than worrying about the fact that I am sick. The thing I struggle with most is acceptance.

Today has been a little tough. I'm on holiday (vacation, for you northern hemispherers) from work, but still at home. I like holidays at home, I like being able to rest and just take it easy. Travel can be difficult with chronic pain. But unfortunately it means that my chiropractic clinic is closed, so I am in a little more pain than usual. This tends to send me into a bit of a panic. I'm very lucky in that I live with my two best friends, who are extremely supportive and good at helping me get through rough patches. They are both on holiday too, so I've had some very soothing company.

One good thing: I got the computer I am typing on for Christmas, and today I discovered that I can burn CDs on it.

Another good thing: the cat has spent most of the day on my bed. Cats are SO comforting sometimes.
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