Emily (armandlegg) wrote in one__good_thing,

Intro Post

Hello. I'm Em.

Um...I'm not good at intro posts (thus I generally skip them), however, since basbleugrrl is the mod here...I guess I better play by the rules! :)

I'm 21 with 11 years experience, married for most of those 11 years, mommy of two beautiful little boys. I bounce between depression and non-depressive states, but have taken myself off of the chemical control. I'd (personally) rather figure out how in the hell to live somewhat happy without the zoloft headaches. My oldest son has Asperger's disorder - a challenge in and of itself. My youngest son is just a fine-upstanding-patriotic-healthy-normal-american-boy. I'm an out bisexual woman.

Needless to say, I'm also slightly neurotic. I must have been a cat in a prior life.

And, my One Good Thing for today....
...got reconnected to the 'real' world
...played in the sprinkler in the cold cold water with the boys
...made a batch of blueberry buckle (in the 101 degree heat) to share with the coworkers tomorrow
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