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Intro to Nett's Mind...

Well, OK... if you insist.
I am 26 year old and married for five years. I have a one year old white boxer who I absolutely adore and spoil at every opportunity!
I have suffered from depression since childhood. I have had body image issues and self esteem/self respect issues as long as I can remember.
I am a feminist who believes in equality, nothing more, nothing less. I don’t believe in hating all men based on the actions of a few.
I was a Boy Scout leader off and on since my teens. I enjoy camping and hanging out in nature.
I am a computer geek in every sense of the word/phrase. I work on computer all day as a System Support Analyst and can’t wait to get on it again when I get home.
In my spare time, I study naturopathy. I am a believer in traditional medicine as a compliment to alternative health. If I am having a heart attack, take me to the hospital and give me drugs!
Another hobby of mine is psychology. I love to study people, their behavior, and their motivation.
I am still in college (on the ten year plan). I should be finished with my BS in Spring 2007.
Until last week, I was a Karateka of Shotokan at the 4th kyu rank. This week I will be investigating other alternatives to pursue.
I am a believer in civil right. I am especially interested in gay marriage being legalized.
I think that covers Nett in a Nutshell.
Any questions?
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